Great post on Bake Me Home from the blog Saucepans and Superheroes!

saucepans and superheroesI recently had 30 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time…gasp! Little Man and Super Hunk had set off on an adventure and I opted to hold down the fort. With a pile of laundry and a counter full of dishes, I decided to throw chores to the wind and comb through the giant stack of magazines that had accumulated. Woo hoo!

While perusing (with a toddler, reading every page is a thing of the past) the July issue of Family Circle, I stumbled upon the most captivating and refreshing story…

Catch the entire post over here. Thanks, Courtney!

Forest Hills Journal covers the new Bake Me Home kitchen!

FHJ-110613-New-KitchenA new kitchen recently drew a crowd young and old to Mt. Washington for Bake Me Home’s ribbon-cutting ceremony at its new home on Burney Lane.

Bake Me Home is a charitable organization dedicated to promoting volunteerism and providing disadvantaged moms and kids with direct services that encourage shared family experiences.

Check out the story online here, or click the image to see the paper.

Centennial, Inc. article about Bake Me Home start up, and how you can help now!

“Can kids really start their own businesses?!”  That was the question that Emma Bushman asked her mom after watching coverage of a Young Entrepreneurs Convention on a Teen Kids News program.

Centennial, Inc. is honored to share this wonderful story which begins with twin sisters Emma and Amy Bushman volunteering together at a local homeless family shelter.  When they celebrated their birthdays, in lieu of gifts from their friends, the twins asked birthday guests to donate items for the shelter such as books, toys, and snacks.  The twins not only delivered these donated items to the families at the shelter…

Read the rest of this great article from Centennial, Inc., a local Cincinnati recruitment firm, talking about the origins of Bake Me Home, and the upcoming 2013 Boutique!