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Please WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO of our Final Dissolution Report to you.

We are incredibly proud to have supported 17 different non-profit organizations with $119,280 in donations upon our dissolution effective February 1, 2022.

Unfortunately, the economic impact of the pandemic and resulting labor shortage led us to the heartbreaking decision to close down our operations after more than 13 years. Our final choices came down to either taking a huge financial risk with a low probability of success or embracing the end with a guarantee that we can do a lot of good on our way out. We chose fiscal responsibility while embracing the choice of "doing good." You can read more about our decision in our 2021 Annual Report.

We cannot thank you enough for ALL of your support over the years.

With immense gratitude,
Alison Bushman, President and Cookie Mom

We are 20-year-old twin sisters, Emma and Amy. In July 2008 we started this charity (with a little help from our Mom!) to help moms and kids at a homeless family shelter in Cincinnati, Ohio.  From 2008-2021, thanks to thousands of volunteers, we expanded to include families using local food pantries and transitional living services, kids in foster care, pediatric cancer survivors, and members of our military.

Although this chapter has closed, we will be forever grateful to the community that rallied around two kids with a simple idea to make the world a better place, one cookie at a time. Thank you!

Our Mission:
Bake Me Home was a charitable organization dedicated to promoting volunteerism and encouraging shared family experiences for those in crisis.

10,432 Families Served

This is the program that started it all! We love baking cookies with our mom, and we thought other kids should have the same chance to bake with their families. We know this can be really hard, especially if they are just moving out of a shelter.

We started the Tote Bag Program so that families could have a fun way to celebrate being together in their new home. We have expanded the program to include kids in the foster care system, those utilizing food pantries, and pediatric cancer survivors.

43,152 Cookies Shared

Home is often very far away for men and women serving in our military, but you can send a little taste of “BACK HOME” to a service member deployed overseas! Your donation will send 48 Bake Me Home Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies to your loved one.

To extend that sense of “home” to our local veterans, we also provide fresh baked cookies to those who are wounded and sick staying at Fisher House at the VA Medical Center, and participating in Honor Flights to Washington DC.