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Bake It Forward





This Pilot Program, for students in grades 7-12, includes a series of sessions focused on arming students with life skills that will help them succeed.

The first session “Why can’t I wear gym shorts?” was held on Sunday, March 4th from 3-4pm, and taught students how to present the best version of themselves to the world. First impressions are important, and we gave you the tools you need to make a great one thanks to our friends at Fidelity Investments and Harvard.

Five future sessions will be held between August-December. At every session, students will receive gifts tailored to help them succeed in the area covered that day, along with two jars of Bake Me Home cookie mix as part of our Bake It Forward program- one to keep, and one to give away.

Participants under 16 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone (chaperones will help fill jars of cookie mix during the seminar). Please check back for sign up information soon!

This program is possible thanks to a grant from the Maxwell Weaver Foundation.

Feel free to email with any questions.


Our newly revised Bake It Forward program has been designed to allow and encourage more kids, of all ages, to help us make the world a better a place.

  • Each Bake It Forward participant completes good deeds on the Bake it Forward Challenge Card (available at Bake Me Home or DOWNLOAD CHALLENGE CARD HERE.).
  • These good deeds must add up to 100 points, in any combination (deeds can be repeated)
  • Upon completion:
    • Contact us at 513-231-4663 or to arrange a time to drop off your completed card at our office (1623 Burney Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45230).  At this time our Bake It Forward Challenge is limited to Cincinnati area kids, who are able to pick up their cookie mix jars in person. We will make arrangements with teachers and Troop leaders for group drop-off or delivery of jars.
    • At Bake Me Home, with your completed card, you will receive 2 jars of Bake Me Home Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix (peanut-safe); one to keep and one to give away as a gift

Challenge Card Point System

  • 5 point: a simple, helpful offer to another person
  • 10 point: a quick manual act of kindness
  • 20 point: a more complex act of generosity

If you have any questions, please contact our Bake It Forward Program Director, Sarah Kaplan at

Suggestions for donating or volunteering:

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The Origins of Bake It Forward

Bake It Forward was created after Amy and Emma won a $5000 grant for Bake Me Home from the Sodexo Foundation.  They were so moved by the experience that they wanted to share it with other kids. This was the beginning of our Bake It Forward Service Grants.  Kids entering grades 1-9 can apply for grants of $100 each for a charity of their choice serving children in Ohio.  Each applicant must perform a summer service project for a charity that benefits children.  Amy and Emma then choose three winners and present these awards at a ceremony at The Duke Energy Children’s Museum.  Our winners also each receive a jar of Bake Me Home Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. This program is designed to encourage kids to be creative and get involved with other organizations in the community, furthering our mission of “promoting volunteerism.”