Bake Me Home Program Application

This application is for Bake Me Home's Tote Bag Program and Picture Me Home Program. For additional questions or to check on the status of your application, please contact Alison Bushman, President, at or 513-231-4663.

Bake Me Home Program Application
Agency Address

Tote Bag Program

We require agencies to agree to distribute Tote Bags according to the following criteria: Tote Bags are for current agency families who are leaving shelters or transitional housing for a new, permanent home or long-term transitional housing. Food Pantry recipients with children (including those with legal custody of children other than their biological children), and children in the foster care system may also be selected by agency case workers for this special one-time gift. Tote Bags are for mothers and their children, not for single women, or for mothers who do not have custody of their children. Tote Bags are for families who have followed the guidelines and rules of the agency. They are not for families who have terminated prematurely, have been asked to leave, or are returning to their previous, unhealthy living arrangements. Tote Bags are not to be distributed to previous agency residents who are no longer active in the program. Each family is to receive only ONE Tote Bag. Agencies assume responsibility for tracking distribution to ensure that multiple bags are not given to the same recipients.

If accepted into the Bake Me Home Tote Bag Program I understand that I will be provided with a written copy of this Distribution Policy. I also understand that a violation of this policy will result in termination from the program.
No family can receive more than one Tote Bag, even if they participate in programs with your agency more than one time

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