Bake Me Back Home



Bake Me Back Home resonates strongly with our supporters. What began as sending cookies to our military overseas (a worthy program on its own), grew into honoring both active duty military and local veterans. Bake Me Back Home afforded us and our supporters the opportunity to show our gratitude and support to our men and women serving overseas and to our veterans living right here at home as well. With all three of our Bake Me Back Home Programs combined, you have helped share over 43,000 cookies with both active and inactive military personnel!

Bake Me BACK Home – Our Original Program!

Home is often very far away for men and women serving in our military, but you sent a little taste of “BACK HOME” to service members deployed overseas!  You have sent 43,693 cookies to our troops serving overseas.  Our goal was to provide that taste of our homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to help our military men and women feel like they are "back home," even if it's just for a moment. Thank you for helping us achieve our goal.

THANK YOU for Donating to Bake Me BACK Home!

We expanded our Bake Me Back Home program to include veterans.

Fisher HouseTHANK YOU for supporting

Fisher House

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BMBH Honor Flight Vet CookieTHANK YOU for supporting our veterans!

Honor Flight Network

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