Recipe for Success: Bake Me Home in Family Circle Magazine

family-circleEmma Bushman was watching a TV special on child entrepreneurs when inspiration struck. "Emma asked, 'Can kids really start their own business?'" recalls Alison, her mother. "I said sure, but rather than make money for herself, I suggested she and her twin sister, Amy, do something for others. They might want to think about the families in the homeless shelter where the girls donated toys and books they collected at their birthday party each year."

That summer the 7-year-old twins spent a week at a cooking camp in their Cincinnati hometown. One day they returned with a Mason jar filled with the dry ingredients for oatmeal cookies. "Amy and Emma now say that was their aha moment," Alison says. Thinking about how much they enjoyed baking and bonding in the kitchen with their mom, the girls decided to give departing shelter families a jar of cookie mix so that they could inaugurate their new home by making cookies together.

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