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CancerFree Kids: Meredith's Cookies

Ten-year-old Meredith Furr was one tough cookie. She should have celebrated many more birthdays, but pediatric cancer stole her from us. She loved life, her family, her friends, and our cookies. To celebrate Meredith and to perpetuate our mission of encouraging shared family experiences for those in crisis, we are partnering with CancerFree Kids.

Bake Me Home presents cookie mix jars to local pediatric cancer survivors so that they may spend time baking with their families. In addition, our baked cookies support CancerFree Kids' fundraising efforts for pediatric cancer research.

We are honored to bring CancerFree Kids into the Bake Me Home family. Please donate here and show all these "tough cookies" that they are worth more than the 4% of cancer research dollars currently allocated to pediatrics.

Meredith’s Cookies

For a donation of $25 you will fund gift bagged jars for 5 kids!


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