Private Volunteer Group Request Form

Volunteer Group Request Form
Email is our preferred method of communication, but we may need to contact you by phone for timely scheduling.
Has anyone specific recommended that you volunteer with us?


We offer weekday sessions at 4pm and 7pm, and also some Saturdays at 10am. Volunteer sessions are 1 hour long (except for special seasonal projects). Bake Me Home is closed for the month of July, the week of Thanksgiving, and the two weeks of Christmas/New Years. These private sessions book 2-4 months ahead, so please plan accordingly. Unfortunately, due to high demand, Bake Me Home cannot guarantee to have available session space for all private groups.

Please submit at least two dates that your ENTIRE GROUP is available to volunteer. You are welcome to submit more dates to expedite the scheduling process. Due to high demand, we can only offer your group one private session in a 6 month period.

Please be aware that our private sessions typically book 2-4 months ahead. Private sessions are only available on weekdays at 4pm and 7pm, and Saturdays at 10am. Our volunteer sessions last one hour, unless they are for a pre-determined special project (ie. landscaping).

Criteria for Group Participation

Each activity schedules a maximum of 14 people (including participating adult chaperones, the number of required adults varies based on children's ages). In cases where corporate funding or donations are provided to support an activity, simultaneous activities may be scheduled to accommodate larger groups."

  • Children must be at least 6 years old
  • Children ages 6 – 9 must have at least 4 participating adults (for 10 kids)
  • Children ages 10 – 17 must have at least 3 participating adults (for 11 kids)
  • All participants must be able to engage in 40 minutes of concentrated activity
  • All participants MUST be free of cough, cold, or flu-like symptoms, as we are working with food
  • All participants should come dressed comfortably, prepared to participate easily in assembly and cleaning activities

  • If any members of your group have any special needs, please make us aware of them in advance so that we can ensure that they have a successful and enjoyable volunteer experience
  • Any participants that arrive impaired by drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave immediately
  • Participants may not bring weapons of any kind into Bake Me Home
  • We welcome donations of toothbrushes and toothpaste from members of private groups
Please remember each activity schedules a maximum of 14 people (including chaperones). The only exception to this is in cases where funding or donations are provided to support the entire cost of the activity. This is due to very high demand, and limited financial resources. Regardless of funding, we regret that our building size cannot accommodate groups larger than 30 people.
It is important to us to make your volunteer experience meaningful for every member of your group.

Volunteer Activities

Each group's activity is selected by Bake Me Home based on need.

Cookie Mix Assembly: filling jars of cookie mix, which are later given to shelters and food pantries through our tote bag program.

Tote Bag Assembly: filling a tote bag with all items needed to bake cookies, example: cookie sheet, pot holder, bowl, spoon, spatula, jar of cookie mix, and even toothbrushes and toothpaste. These bags are later distributed to shelters and food pantries where we have a partnership.

Miscellaneous Seasonal Projects: such as landscaping, painting, mailings, etc.

What to Expect During a Session

During a private session your group will receive a tour and learn about the history and mission of BAKE ME HOME. Everyone will get to enjoy our signature oatmeal chocolate chip cookies before starting their activity. Unless otherwise arranged, your session will last one hour.

Your group will spend approximately 40 minutes working on your volunteer activity. For the last 10 minutes you will help keep our building in tip-top shape with some light cleaning. Please ensure that all members come dressed comfortably, and prepared to participate fully in these activities.