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One Cookie at a Time: The Story of Bake Me Home

Amy and Emma have partnered with For Good Media to publish the story of Bake Me Home. Amanda Appiarius donated her time and talent to beautifully illustrate this children's book about the founding of Bake Me Home by 7-year-old cookiegirls, Amy and Emma Bushman.

Copies are available here for a $25 donation.

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ALL proceeds benefit Bake Me Home.

The back cover:

"Join twin sisters, Amy and Emma, as they set out to make the world a better place, one cookie at a time.  This true story of two little girls’ love of baking and of others, shares the simple messages that even kids can make a difference and that when you ask for help people will never let you down."  

Follow along with the “cookiegirls” as they share how Bake Me Home found a home of its very own.

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