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Bake Me Home is a 501(c)(3) organization. 1623 Burney Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230




YWCA Transitional Living Program

The Bake Me Home Tote Bag Program is truly valued by the YWCA Transitional Living Program! It provides an opportunity for our clients and their children to bond as a family as they leave our program and settle in to their new permanent home.

YWCA House of Peace

Bake Me Home’s contributions help to bring new hope to the women and children we serve once they leave our shelter.

Inter Parish Ministry

The ‘cookie girls at Bake Me Home’ have amazed and delighted us at Inter Parish Ministry. Their enthusiasm and generosity have enabled us to share their special tote bags with people whose lives need a boost when they come to our Choice Food Pantry. Their ministry has blessed ours . . .and the cookies are REALLY good!

Inter Parish Ministry

On Saturday, we held a Toy Store for some of our families, who have jobs (although are “underemployed”), to purchase new toys at greatly discounted prices. The “Bake Me Home” girls (8 year old twin girls and their mom) brought an extra touch of joy with their tote bags filled with all of the ingredients and supplies to make homemade cookies—and even the toothbrushes and toothpaste for after eating the cookies!
I was made aware of their nonprofit organization on a Wednesday at an event mom, Alison, and I attended. She was sure they could provide the tote bags for our Toy Store on Saturday, 3 days later—and with the help of 20 volunteers, they assembled 36 bags and delivered them to us. It was remarkable to see these little girls proudly carrying bag after bag and to realize what they accomplished on such short notice. The families who received the tote bags were thrilled!


Tote Bag Recipient

“I’m going through a divorce and my kids and I have been struggling. We received this at a food pantry, thank you so much. It was just what we needed to do together, bake. Thank you, Emma and Amy.”

Tote Bag Recipient

“I want to thank you- after I broke my back we never have money to buy extra stuff like cookies to make together and we had a blast!!! Thank you! Plus they tasted great!!!”

Pantry Tote recipient

Dear Emma and Amy,

I want to thank you for the bakemehome cookie mix I recieved at the SEM food pantry. My twins love helping me bake and enjoy (as every toddler naturally does) eating the goodies. We have had it financially rough lately and this was a wonderful treat for my kids…..thank you very much for all that you do!

Very Appreciative,

Kaleb, Cayden and Amanda

Tote Bag Recipient

“I wanted to thank you for the donated package that I received at the food pantry today. Your jar with cookie ingredients was so cute! I loved your recipes and the kroger card. It was all so thoughtful! Baking cookies during the holidays is a family tradition. I can’t wait to get started making cookies with my daughter! I know she will like the mason jar of ingredients and the cook book that goes with it. I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of my family. Your kindness is appreciated. Have a great holiday season!”
Tote Bag recipient

Bake Me Back Home

Cheryl Popp

“Thank you very much for the most delicious cookies! Our veterans loved them. We love your devotion to our veterans, and through them, our country.”

Major Chris Lewis

Got the cookies!! And they were almost gone in the first 48 hours. I think a few of the folks here substituted the cookies for dinner the first night that I had them.

MAJ Jay Hebert

Emma and Amy, thank you for sending us the cookies! You are right, it made me think of all the wonderful people back home. I really appreciate all that you do and the positive impacts you have on the lives you touch with your generosity. Have a wonderful day and thanks for your support to our deployed troops.

Jason Lake, US Army

My unit is a support unit and sometimes we deliver supplies to soldiers that are holed up or in rural areas and I have taken your boxes to them and they are very happy to have homemade cookies. Thank you very much for the wonderful cookies, these cookies were by far the best cookies I have ever had during deployment. They are lucky to have a support unit where some infantry units do not. I am a driver and I would not trade jobs with them and do not envy them at all. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give them something from home.