Bake Me Home is a 501(c)(3) organization. 1623 Burney Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230


Fisher House, VA

The families enjoy the fresh baked cookies that Bake Me Home provides. They consistently are very appreciative and touched that your organization thinks of them during their time of need.

Karry HaganFisher House Manager
CAIN (Churches Active in Northside)

The moms that receive the tote bags are always touched, delighted and very pleased to receive this gift. They are genuinely surprised and kind of “taken  aback” by this act of kindness. I observed a mom just today have this very reaction. And on her way out of our pantry she pulled the jar of cookie mix out of the tote bag and showed her kids. And she said “we get to bake cookies together” And the kids were jumping up and down with excitement.

Cathy GrahamCoordinator, Crisis Assistance Ministry
MEAC (Madisonville Education and Assistance Center)

The Bake Me Home Program is an uplifting experience for our clients who come in with the intention of getting help to maintain housing or utility services for their families. With the many challenges they are experiencing, it is so nice to be able to give something to them that will bring a little more comfort and happiness to their homes.

Tonia GriffinSocial Services Coordinator

The contents of the BMH totes help to foster family time. Allowing families to deliberately make time to share and learn while including everyone in the act of cooking.

Raynal MooreCommunity Relationship Manager
Fischer House

Bake Me Home has been serving the Cincinnati Fisher House for over 5 years. The guests thoroughly enjoy the fresh baked cookies. Once a month a volunteer from the Bake Me Home comes to the Fisher House to bake the cookies, the families are greatly impressed and love the smell throughout the house. The smell of fresh baked cookies makes them feel one step closer to home! Thank you so much for all you do for our service members and their families.

Karrie HaganFisher House Manager
Honor Flight Tri-State

The cookies are delicious and we pass them out at our lunch stop at the United States Air Force memorial in Washington DC.
They are great and the veterans love them. We always talk about your organization when we distribute them. We appreciate them so much and we honor your organization for all you have done for our veterans. They are the best part of our country !

We are absolutely happy with the support we are receiving – -they are delivered to the airport at 6:00 am on flight day. You cannot ask for better service than that

Cheryl PoppDirector
New Life Furniture

We LOVE being able to delivery this family project to the families that we serve with WHOLE HOUSE furniture – such a great addition to making their new house a HOME!!

Jill KeefeOffice Manager

Our clients are always happy and surprised to receive your tote bag. When I give the totes away I always imagine what a special time the family will have baking your cookies. I always show them the cookbook and tell a little about your mission. SEM is proud to be a receiving agency.

Judy DockendorffAssistant Director
CAIN (Churches Active in Northside)

Our guest are delighted to receive the Tote bag. They have no idea they are going to receive it and it’s a very happy reaction they share when we give a mom (or dad) and their kids a bag. We receive a lot of smiles and hugs! we thank you for all you do for our guests through this program!

Cathy GrahamCoordinator, Crisis Assistance Ministry
ARCS of Warren County

This program has created an extra bit of excitement for families departing from our shelter. To send them a home with an activity that they can do together, along with supplies that they can continue to use, is fantastic! Our clients as well as their children have expressed genuine excitement when presented with their BMH totes.

Jennifer DavisShelter Director

Tote Bag Recipient

When I first opened the Bake Me Home Bag I felt happy, like it was a new start for me and my son. The thought of being able to make cookies with him would give us a new memory; we would have in our new home. The gift certificate to Kroger’s was an extra surprise. Thank you Bake Me Home, you made us feel like we had a new SWEET start with the wonderful chocolate chip cookies!

Tote Bag Recipient
Resident’s Child

What they do really means a lot to me, my sisters, and my mom. They make us smile, and I really like smiling!

Resident’s ChildYWCA Battered Women’s Shelter
Tote Bag Recipient

We made our cookies! It was wonderful! It made me feel like I accomplished something. We had everything we needed. I’ve used the pan lots of times for other things too.

Tote Bag Recipient

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