MEAC (Madisonville Education and Assistance Center)

The Bake Me Home Program is an uplifting experience for our clients who come in with the intention of getting help to maintain housing or utility services for their families. With the many challenges they are experiencing, it is so nice to be able to give something to them that will bring a little more comfort and happiness to their homes.


The contents of the BMH totes help to foster family time. Allowing families to deliberately make time to share and learn while including everyone in the act of cooking.

Fischer House

Bake Me Home has been serving the Cincinnati Fisher House for over 5 years. The guests thoroughly enjoy the fresh baked cookies. Once a month a volunteer from the Bake Me Home comes to the Fisher House to bake the cookies, the families are greatly impressed and love the smell throughout the house. The smell of fresh baked cookies makes them feel one step closer to home! Thank you so much for all you do for our service members and their families.

Honor Flight Tri-State

The cookies are delicious and we pass them out at our lunch stop at the United States Air Force memorial in Washington DC.
They are great and the veterans love them. We always talk about your organization when we distribute them. We appreciate them so much and we honor your organization for all you have done for our veterans. They are the best part of our country !

We are absolutely happy with the support we are receiving – -they are delivered to the airport at 6:00 am on flight day. You cannot ask for better service than that


Tote Bag Recipient

THANK YOU My daughter is big into baking. When she looked inside that bag she was like a young child on Christmas morning. She had to examine each piece like she was planning something yummy. 
Thank you that meant a lot to us.

Tote Bag Recipient

“I’m going through a divorce and my kids and I have been struggling. We received this at a food pantry, thank you so much. It was just what we needed to do together, bake. Thank you, Emma and Amy.”

Tote Bag Recipient

“I want to thank you- after I broke my back we never have money to buy extra stuff like cookies to make together and we had a blast!!! Thank you! Plus they tasted great!!!”

Pantry Tote recipient

Dear Emma and Amy,

I want to thank you for the bakemehome cookie mix I recieved at the SEM food pantry. My twins love helping me bake and enjoy (as every toddler naturally does) eating the goodies. We have had it financially rough lately and this was a wonderful treat for my kids…..thank you very much for all that you do!

Very Appreciative,

Kaleb, Cayden and Amanda

Bake Me Back Home

Barry Moriarity

Thank you both so very much for all you do! The cookies were phenomenal! The cookies were a boost to our morale beyond belief. On behalf of everyone in HSM-72.1 “The Bad Omens” we are eternally grateful:)

Cheryl Popp

“Thank you very much for the most delicious cookies! Our veterans loved them. We love your devotion to our veterans, and through them, our country.”

Major Chris Lewis

Got the cookies!! And they were almost gone in the first 48 hours. I think a few of the folks here substituted the cookies for dinner the first night that I had them.

MAJ Jay Hebert

Emma and Amy, thank you for sending us the cookies! You are right, it made me think of all the wonderful people back home. I really appreciate all that you do and the positive impacts you have on the lives you touch with your generosity. Have a wonderful day and thanks for your support to our deployed troops.