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Bake Me Home is a 501(c)(3) organization. 1623 Burney Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230




Inter Parish Ministry

The families that receive the tote bags are always surprised and appreciative for the baking opportunity. The children’s eyes also “light-up” when they hear chocolate chip cookies.

YMCA Dove House Shelter

Our families who are leaving the shelter are so excited and thankful for the items. We had one family call us back excited to share the story of baking the cookies in their new home.

MEAC (Madisonville Education and Assistance Center)

It has been a wonderful experience having the Bake Me Home Tote Bag and Picture Me Home Programs offered to the clients at our organization. It is not too often that as a service provider we get to see our clients beam with excitement but these programs are sure to bring on the smile. Most of them struggle with overwhelming challenges as well as the day to day hurtles they have to get beyond to meet their basic needs.  It is so nice to not only be able to offer the more than basic need solutions. I feel fortunate to be the person who can share the tote bags that were made with so much thought and care. With the Picture Me Home Experience, the volunteers and staff are also part of the package. There is nothing like the joy that is passed on with each family picture. Keep up the good work! You make such a big differnce in the lives of the families serve in such a unique, meaningful and wonderful way!


Your programs allow our children to create memories that are tangible – something they otherwise would not be able to do on a regular basis.


Tote Bag Recipient

“I’m going through a divorce and my kids and I have been struggling. We received this at a food pantry, thank you so much. It was just what we needed to do together, bake. Thank you, Emma and Amy.”

Tote Bag Recipient

“I want to thank you- after I broke my back we never have money to buy extra stuff like cookies to make together and we had a blast!!! Thank you! Plus they tasted great!!!”

Pantry Tote recipient

Dear Emma and Amy,

I want to thank you for the bakemehome cookie mix I recieved at the SEM food pantry. My twins love helping me bake and enjoy (as every toddler naturally does) eating the goodies. We have had it financially rough lately and this was a wonderful treat for my kids…..thank you very much for all that you do!

Very Appreciative,

Kaleb, Cayden and Amanda

Tote Bag Recipient

“I wanted to thank you for the donated package that I received at the food pantry today. Your jar with cookie ingredients was so cute! I loved your recipes and the kroger card. It was all so thoughtful! Baking cookies during the holidays is a family tradition. I can’t wait to get started making cookies with my daughter! I know she will like the mason jar of ingredients and the cook book that goes with it. I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of my family. Your kindness is appreciated. Have a great holiday season!”
Tote Bag recipient

Bake Me Back Home

Capt. Justin M Brockhoff, USAF

Thank you so much for the delicious cookies! I received them a couple days ago and shared them with the other soldiers and Airmen I work with here in Afghanistan. Everyone loved them and we all truly appreciate all of the time you’ve devoted to those of us overseas through your program. It’s bright, intelligent young people like you that are the future of the country and you’re doing great things!

Sergeant Andrew Hoverson, USMC

Thank you so much for the cookies! I had just returned to base from 2 weeks of continuous operations and saw that I had received a package…Needless to say, even though we hadn’t showered for 2 weeks and had been sleeping in the mud, the rest of my Marines and I took some time to devour those cookies before we got cleaned up. Thank you so much for your support. It really feels good knowing that there are people back home like you!

Monra Blake, Fiancée of Service Member

The girls advertised on Military groups to nominate a Deployed Military member to receive cookies. My partner was one of the lucky ones to be chosen. He received his cookies within 3 weeks and loved them! They made someone smile an extra smile in a harsh environment. Thank you so much. You are an inspiration to us all.

Captain Melanie Morin, USMC

I wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful batch of cookies I received and the popcorn! It was my favorite kind – oatmeal chocolate chip. I think you girls are so thoughtful and wonderful for doing what you do. I was able to pass the love forward to 4 more soldiers… I ate some, then I bagged up the rest and handed them out. Everyone was so pleasantly surprised. Again, thanks so much and keep up the hard work. We really appreciate it!